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What was the strongest connection you made at or through 澳门赌场注册首页? It could be someone you met on campus, someone who taught you, told you 故事 of their time at 澳门赌场注册首页, or inspired you to attend 澳门赌场注册首页. 

What do you remember about this person, the moment you met them, and/or the way they talked about 澳门赌场注册首页?  How did you feel when this person came into your life? Why has this memory stayed with you or this connection lasted? What's important to you about it?

You could also share what stands out in your memory as quintessential 澳门赌场注册首页? Maybe it's a stimulating course, a memorable professor or staff member or an inspiring colleague or classmate. Maybe there's a particular 澳门赌场注册首页 achievement that speaks to you.

We want to hear about all facets of 澳门赌场注册首页 life from the enduring human connections to academic success or the less celebrated aspects of life on campus.

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